MEKA: Putting the Fab in Pre-Fab

The folks over at MEKA Modular Luxury Housing have developed four pre-fab luxury habitats without the luxury price. If pre-fab and luxury seem like an oxymoron, have a look at these beauties. The [...]

Web Designers vs. Web Developers

Are you a web designer? A developer? Or a client that's trying to figure out who's responsible for doing what at your web design shop? Here's a great infographic that can help you sort out the [...]

Linotype: The Movie

With the success of Helvetica: The Movie, and the forthcoming Herbert Matter movie, it would seem natural that someone would create a film about the rise and fall of Linotype. For those who don't [...]

For The Geek Typographer

We love typography. We love Star Wars. So what's not to love about these series of Star Wars inspired typographic posters? Using only typographic elements, the folks over at H-57 have created a [...]

So Much Typography

Typographer and type designer Seb Lester has created three striking screen prints using his unique typographic gifts. Over at, he discusses the process he went through in [...]

Fast Food Ads vs. Reality

I always love the way the food in the fast food ads looks—juicy, beefy, big and delicious. And I'm always a bit disappointed when confronted with the realities of the actual product on the rare [...]

The (Sad) Story of Electronics

The Story of Electronics animated film launched today. This is the latest film in the incredible Story of Stuff series (aka Cliff Notes for the armchair environmentalist), which includes the [...]

We Interrupt this Package…

Today the FDA proposed a series of required warnings for cigarette packages and advertisements. Initially, 24 concepts were proposed of which 9 will ultimately be adopted. The basic formatting [...]